A little bit about me...

My name is Meghan & I am the Head Scribbler here at Scribbles Lettering.  I am a teacher by trade--I've taught middle school Spanish for 9 years now.  Most people think I have two heads when I say that I teach middle school, but I love those kids despite the awkwardness and slight B.O after athletics each day.  They teach me a lot about myself, being full of wonder, and pop culture.

The foundation of my life is my faith.  I'm imperfect, but striving to learn and grow each day to become more like Jesus.  A big piece of my business seeks to serve others by blessing their homes with beautiful, special art. 

I'm a dog mom to the cutest pup in the world (Pepper!), a wife to the tallest, most handsome guy I know, and a daughter and sister to the best family there is.  I'm a proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma (boomer sooner!), too...so if I'm busy on Saturdays in the fall, I'm probably watching a college football game.

A little bit about Scribbles...

Scribbles aren't just for toddlers. I've perfected the grown-up art.

Yep, I was the nerd that practiced my handwriting starting in kindergarten. If a teacher had a letter that I liked, I would practice it until it was perfectly mine. Now, I'm the teacher with the good handwriting.

I took a calligraphy class with a teacher friend from school and we both fell in love with the art. I loved the lettering piece--the freedom to create with my own style and the materials that I had around the house. I'm constantly learning new tricks and styles, and I can't wait to keep the shop up-to-date as I continue to learn!

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